Currently, artisanal products are viewed in two ways: as expensive or as souvenirs. The possibility exists of developing business models in which Peruvian handicrafts are reassessed, promoted and included in the consumption patterns of people in everyday settings.

The goal is to build sustainable work models that think of the artisan as the creator of value in the product, models that seek to improve the quality of life through education and the transmission of the value of the artisan tradition, and that generate development and im- provements in the techniques used.

There are two challenges to be met:

  • The first is to bring to contemporary life the craft proposals and models of co-creation by craftsmen-designers, considering local identity, processes and materials as the linchpin for a territorial craft proposal.
  • The second challenge is to develop a craft innovation tool kit. A box of tools that would allow us to visualize, contextualize, expedite and encourage the development of contem- porary indigenous crafts. The creation of interaction instruments that drive creative diversity and cultural enrichment, seeks to promote the artisan as the main creator of value in the product and the innovation processes, with the aim of improving their quality of life through handicrafts.
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