Artisans of Tucume


The Association of Artisans of Tucume was founded in Lambayeque in a joint effort between the museum and the local community. Since its beginning 12 years ago, its main mission has been to revive the pre-Hispanic technological traditions that scientific research in the area has uncovered.

One of the key distinguishing features of the association is its constant effort to develop local crafts. Artisans from Tucume seek to organize groups to work on product lines that maintain the distinct identity of their region. During their 12 years of operation, they have successfully completed projects with the area’s museum, institutions, schools, universities and innova- tion centres. These synergies have been directed towards providing results that explore and develop craft techniques and educating the community’s children and youth in values and the responsibility to carry on craft work.

Currently, they have a user’s manual facilitating recognition of local iconography, and also educational programs and workshops for schools and universities, handicraft workshops and three outlets for the products made from fabric woven on a backstrap loom, native cot- ton woven fabric, dyed “en reserva”, embossed foil, gold and jewellery, pottery and hand- made paper.

The challenge to be solved is that of creating models for development and sustainability, enhancing branding, supporting the artisans organization with the view to promoting handmade products through the activity of visitors, the workshop and the museum, and the promotion of craft education.

The main objectives are:

  • Propose innovation ideas that organize and improve the current model of the Tucume artisans.
  • Generate education and proposals on stations concepts, collections and collabora- tions that can be created.
  • Support, through design, the new actions that display the product produced in Tucume.
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