Tulp & Mezcla

Tulp & Mezcla

Tulp & Mezcla is a social enterprise driving inclusive design and craft innovation. It facilitates creative and intercultural dialogue and co-creates objects and new craft forms that promote culture and inspire lifestyles.

The main focus of Tulp & Mezcla is based on developing concepts that unite the design of craft objects with themes of social and cultural interest that encourage the imagination of the customer and generate impact, profit and economic well-being for the craftsperson.

By projecting craft design as an agent of social change, Tulp & Mezcla also promotes care of the environmental and the education and empowerment of adolescents.

Tulp & Mezcla is positioned as a social venture dedicated to developing and implementing inclusive design projects with artisans from indigenous communities, with emphasis on the Amazon. Their proposals are characterized by promoting and facilitating participatory co- creation processes, empowering craft creativity and intercultural enrichment. In the same framework, Tulp & Mezcla is preparing to offer focused creativity coaching to artisans and craft associations in order to stimulate their creative potential, develop their in- novative ability and reinterpret their cultural and craft heritage in the contemporary context.


  • Seek to generate a TOOL KIT to implement and replicate the co-creation model with craftspeople.
  • Develop a business model which is scalable and adaptable to different geographic zones and cultural contexts.
  • Rescue regional indigenous ancestral techniques, several of which are in danger of extinction, with the participation of young artisans.
  • Encourage the creativity of artisans and their associations, stimulating intercultural learning and mutual enrichment.
  • Work with Beca 18 university students to develop their intercultural skills in the frame- work of craft innovation.
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