The space in a Peruvian kitchen is a “hub”, a laboratory of dialogue and expression, bringing together all Peruvians.

Peruvian gastronomy has managed to position itself as an agent for change, and as an essential element in national identity. Additionally, Peru was named best culinary destination in the world by the 2014-World Travel Awards.

The scope and diversity of the Peruvian territory mean that many natural foods and manufactured products are not known, so their characteristics and properties are unknown or unappreciated.

The challenge is to reinforce the country’s attributes: specialist, multi-faceted and captivating, and project them onto working models and systems which facilitate the recognition, the history, the behaviour and the traceability of food products, thus helping to validate all the agents in the supply chain.

The goal is to generate an impact by transmitting information, and to convey knowledge which drives the development of origin products. This is especially important since it will generate decentralised work, rehabilitate the country’s identity and contribute to the develo-pment of the local economy.

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