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Amaz Foods

The worldwide chocolate and cocoa market is very competitive. In Peru, both the advantage and the challenge to position itself reside in the management of diversity. The challenge can be more than met if solutions are found that group, classify, process and show the best products at organoleptic and nutritional level within the food, cosmetic, pharmaceutical and neutraceutic industries; and if they are framed within social, friendly and sustainable business models.

Amaz was founded in early 2012 as a family initiative, aimed at creating sustainable markets under the Biocomercio principles. Its main activities are the development, production and marketing of chocolates, cocoa and cocoa products with a special focus on the promotion of biodiversity and the work of recuperating the origins of variety and original flavour.

Given the increasing demand for native cocoa and the high quality of Peruvian cocoa, Amaz Foods has taken on the organisation of the traceability of cocoa and by-sub products. This system will help bring back and lend value to native cocoa, offering information to consumers about the product and the process, supporting standardisation, working with stories and origins and, lastly, organising a network of growers, who will be benefited by education programmes, with fair prices, so that the value of the product they grow is recognised.

The call for ideas seeks proposals that use all the design tools to generate innovation in the sector and create a traceability system.

The objectives are:

  • Highlight the value chain of Peruvian cocoa and chocolate from their origins.
  • Generate experience and knowledge in order to educate the final consumer.
  • Know about uses and consumption patterns.
  • Preserve the genetic variability of cacaos of origin.
  • Use design (UX, UI, graphic, product, and services) to generate the proposal.
  • Pose the system as a platform for open use.
  • Include an identity and branding proposal for the traceability system.
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