Piscosour.com is a magazine and online marketplace, which has been up and running since 2009, with the main goal of entertaining, inspiring and educating enthusiasts, connoisseurs and the inquisitive about pisco and its uses in cocktails.

Pisco is an alcoholic drink from Peru. At present, it is in demand in all of the cosmopolitan bars across the globe. This demand has not yet been met due to the main distributors’ working scale and the fact that the grapes with which the liquor is produced vary depending on the region in which they are harvested. Nature and the current climate in the market offer challenges for new alternatives for the commercialisation and promotion of the product.

This is the context in which Piscosour.com offers detailed product reviews, news and information about products linked to pisco, generating information and promoting the product prior to the purchase. In this way, it encourages the consumption of artisan pisco, making it available to the international market.

The call for ideas aims to seek ideas to generate a network of artisan pisco producers, and help them connect with international demand.


  • To find innovative proposals through design (UX, UI, product design, system design, comprehension design, etc.) that:
  • Propose a traceability system to organise the production of artisan pisco.
  • Reveal the diversity and artisan value of pisco and small producers Improve user experience in the purchase and selection of the product using the online platform.
  • Link small producers with Piscosour.com
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