Round Table on Las Manuelas in PerúDesignNet

Las Manuelas comes to the PerúDesignNet Week through a round table where the project and the real protagonists will be presented, the Peruvian craftswomen, from Puno (on the southern plateau of Peru), dedicated to working with alpaca wool. Strong, cheerful women, able to leave their unmistakable imprint on every piece they weave; each stitch generates unique pieces, from the soul.

Learn their history on the 6th of November! We will be expecting you in the MAC at 18:00 h. Free admission until venue is full.

The round table will also be attended by the project organisers: Isabel Berz (Director of the IED Moda Lab Madrid), Victoria Villanueva Chávez (Director of the Movimiento Manuela Ramos), Alicia Villanueva (Coordinator of the DDEE programme of the Movimiento Manuela Ramos) and Lidia Muro (Head of the Textiles Area of the IED Moda Lab Madrid), who will discuss the introduction of technology when controlling resources and raw materials, analysing its impact in the fashion industry.

Know. Connect. Share
Inspired by the motivating encounter with these women in 2012, a group of design students from the IED Madrid thought about the need to generate a work process that would eliminate the distance between designers and artisans, facilitating direct connection between both creators. Thus was born the CoDiseño platform, which offers as a result a digital design tool that recuperates artisanal creation, generating organic and artistic design pieces. Starting from the availability of the artisans and the raw material, a design and production process was created that respects the natural cycle of production, putting the natural resources and the needs of the women in first place, tracing out the production process of a garment from its origin to the final product. By involving the artisans themselves in the design of the pieces, the CoDiseño platform promoted creative collaboration, breaking down barriers with digital media, permeating each piece with its unique identity.

Las Manuelas is a joint project between Economists without Borders, Madrid, the Fashion School of the IED Madrid and the Movimiento Manuela Ramos de Perú, which joined forces to break down the barriers between designers and artisans by creating a digital co-creation platform that permits distances to be shortened and the positions of the participants to become closer.  In addition, it not only recounts the production process until it reaches the finished product but also humanises it by putting in the voice and the face of the people involved.

Project values:

Human ­
The artisans are a fundamental part of the project’s identity, the measure and value of all the elements. The project is based on the potential of each community, taking advantage of all the abilities of its citizens and thus be able to activate the local economy.

The latest trends in technology and design combined with the know-how of crafts and the quality of the natural raw materials giving rise to a global project with future projection.

Sustainability ­
Coherence and responsibility with bio-diversity, the environment, and artisan communities. A project based on the abilities of citizens and local resources.

Co­Design ­
A collaborative design project. Artisans and designers work together in a transverse way to optimise processes, an exchange of ideas that promote real change. This horizontality in processes promotes a more direct relation between all the actors, allowing the traceability of the final product.

Las Manuelas Round Table
Time: Friday the 6th of November at 18:00 h.
Venue: MAC Lima.
Free admission until venue is full.

Las Manuelas Exhibition
It shows part of the development of the project through images and video and image projection, as well as creations and works made along with descriptive texts.
From the 5th to the 7th of November, 2015.
Time: The 5th and 6th of November, from 11:00 to 20:00 h; 7th of November, from 11:00 to 18:00 h.
Venue: MAC Lima.
Free admission until venue is full.


Picture: © Javier Biosca

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