The success of the PerúDesignNet project is based on the synergies that are generated between the different actors taking part: during the strategic development stage. The aim is to weave a collaboration network that brings together particular interests.

PerúDesignNet is a participative project and a public commitment to innovation and change. It will collaborate with different types of people who share a unique universal language: design.


7th of November from 11:00 to17:30 h., in Lima. Open to the public. Limited capacity. Free admission prior registration. Lectures given by internationally recognised prestigious professionals.

  • University Inno-talk (from 11:00 – 12:30 h.). Registration

Oscar Mas (Peru). Moderator

Director of the Design Degree at UCAL, University of Sciences and Arts of Latin America. Specialist in Branding, Kellogg School of Management, Illinois, Chicago. Oscar Mas has a Master in Higher Education from the Ricardo Palma University, a Degree in Education from the San Ignacio de Loyola University and a Master in Advertising Communication from the Istituto Europeo di Design, Barcelona, Spain. A marketing specialist in ESAN Business School and graduate designer from the Toulouse-Lautrec Institute, he has dedicated more than twenty years to design projects for local and international brands in the business and social sphere.

Mauricio Andújar (Peru)

BSBA from Warrington College of Business, University of Florida, Mauricio Andújar firmly believes that the sharing economy will transform the way we live, travel, work and consume. He is Director and Founding Partner of LIQUID, a digital transformation agency with more than 120 collaborators and offices in Lima, Quito and Santiago, which offers services that include digital strategy, digital content, design of products / services and new digital businesses. He is an entrepreneur with more than 12 years’ experience in start-ups, business strategy and development, digital marketing, consultancy in digital transformation and open innovation projects. He has worked for multinationals like Ernst & Young (consultancy) and Pfizer (marketing), and is co-founder of FeelPeru.com, an online travel agency, and co-founder of SHIFT, a network of institutions that work collaboratively to promote innovation and entrepreneurship in the private sector.

Alexander Gómez (Colombia)

A great advocate of Latin American digital entrepreneurship and a specialist in selection, evaluation and acceleration of start-ups; architect of business models for innovative products and services; promotor of open innovation, LEAN and accelerated development methodologies and customer development and design thinking. One of his aims is to give the best of his expertise to support Latin American entrepreneurs in their efforts to promote and achieve successful digital businesses at regional level. He also helps to catalyse innovation and the development of growth initiatives in the private sector.

Rodrigo Isasi (Peru)

A specialist in design thinking, Rodrigo has a solid background in business management. He is interested in working on strategic challenges with organizations that are determined to innovate, combining business expertise and the design process. Currently, his activity takes place in Peru, promoting and applying design and tackling social and business challenges, as partner and director of Insitum, the leading design and innovation company in Latin America.

  • Corporate Inno-talk (from 15:30 – 17:30 h.). Registration

Gerry Hofstede (The Netherlands)

Anthropology degree from the Free University of Amsterdam and social innovator with a firm commitment to design for change. Currently, she is founder-manager of Tulp & Mezcla, a Peruvian social enterprise that is committed to a future made by hand, in which she acts as promotor of participative design and craft innovation, seeking to enhance cultural diversity. Previously, captivated by the creativity and techniques of indigenous craftsmen/women, she created a line of jewellery and accessories, an enterprise that then became Tulp & Mezcla.

Alejandra Arias Stella (Peru)

She is social communicator, director and co-founder of the social and conservation project called Llama Pack. Her objective is to regain the traditional use of the llama as a pack animal and reassess its breeding, with the aim of achieving sustainable development without harming the ecosystem of the Sacred Valley of the Incas.

Pablo Morales Sánchez (Peru)

An executive with more than 10 years’ experience in sales, marketing and services in the world’s leading companies in energy, automation, industrial control and solutions and services information technologies. Ability to meet new challenges and main teams. Management skills directed towards results, excellent interpersonal abilities. Currently, Pablo Morales is Project Development Manager in Amaz Foods, dealing with the production, development and implementation of the annual strategy, sales and marketing plan. Specialities: Automation of Industrial Systems, Solutions and Services.

Francisco Pinedo (Peru). Moderator

Strategy consultant specialised in designing and promoting guidelines to generate profitable growth, whether capitalizing on unidentified market opportunities, optimizing offering to invest/divest according to the financial impact, measuring the attraction of segments and sub segments, developing value propositions to optimize the competitive position, using innovation/co-creation techniques to launch new products/services, enhancing the consumer and shopping experience, defining drivers to encourage loyalty among the most profitable customers, developing KPIs and control panels to ensure internal alignment, optimizing business efficiency, etc. He is an MBA, with studies at Harvard, INSEAD, Kellogg, IESE and NYU, and also has a Master of Business Administration from the Universidad del Pacífico.


7th of November in Lima, from 10:00 to 17:00 h. Open to the public. Limited capacity. Free admission prior registration.
Collective work and creation workshop in design thinking and collaboration, whose objective is the generation of ideas to position Peru as a hub of innovation through design. Registration.

Federico Lara (Peru)

Co-founder, Managing Director and Technology Officer (CTO) of Bongo International, which was recently acquired by the multinational FedEx. In his role as CTO, Federico Lara is responsible for developing new products and solutions. Moreover, as one of the key executives, he is actively involved in the business and in the most important decisions that are taken with larger companies. He is a person who radiates passion for what he does; he is considered to be an artist, a creator and an inventor, always looking two steps ahead to see what direction to take. Like every good leader, he leads by example, helping his team to capture his vision and inviting them to accompany him in his creations.


David Mears (United Kingdom)

Rated as a natural “synthesizer”, he seeks and finds simplicity where it is not always easy to do so. In contact with people, companies and their aspirations, he has a strategic brain, a global vision and an unwavering ability to transform thoughts into results. Before the creation of DMA Partners in 2003, he was Director General of 3ddb, having previously been Director of Communications for Hammonds, one of the leading law firms in Europe.

Laurent Ogel (France)

Engineer and industrial designer, he studied in Le Mans (France). An expert in business design, business models and business management, he has had long experience with entrepreneurs and SMEs in almost every sector, both nationally and internationally. Professor at the EOI Business School, he is also co-author of the Strategic Tree, a methodology and tool for business modelling, teacher in the Master of Strategic Design Labs and the creative industries network of the IED Madrid, and teacher of business management at the Higher School of Fashion of the Polytechnic. A Dimad partner, he heads a work group on RODI in READ.

Teresa Jular Pérez-Alfaro (Spain)

A design technology-based thinker and a businesswoman since 1998, she is passionate about hypertext, populariser of Strategic Apple, Triple Balance and other design and business connector tools that she uses with clients and promotes in chats, seminars and webinars. She is president of DIP, the Association of Design and Advertising Communication Professionals of Murcia, and is second vice-president of READ (Spanish Network of Design Associations) and coordinator of its digital communication. She believes in association, because learning among equals, forming alliances and sharing, is the key to generating wealth in the knowledge society.

Lucas Rodríguez Cervera (Spain)

He is co-founder of several Internet companies and entrepreneur spaces: MetoCube, process documentation software; Initiator Foundation, with more than 900 entrepreneur events organized; Sonar Ventures, an Internet business accelerator; Agora Voting, open-code voting software. He is also a business design and validation speaker (more than 80 interventions), teacher (more than 400 hours of class to over 1,000 students) and adviser (more than 1,000 hours of advice to more than 500 businessmen).

Juan Francisco Abad Navarro (Spain)

He is a catalyst for innovation and projects where users are fundamental to the value creation process. He studied industrial design engineering, graduating with a BA (Hons) from Sheffield Hallan University (United Kingdom) and has a Master in Industrial Design. He is co-founder of READ (Spanish Network of Design Associations) and current Head of Strategy, articulating projects with organizations like Telefónica I + D, BBVA Digital Transformation and the Cosentino Group. Founder of two SME food processing industry innovation start-ups and a market platform for the development of young talent, he has been co-organizer of the Start-up Weekend Murcia since it was founded. He also works as an innovation consultant in Barrabes Next.

Natalia María Argüello (Ecuador)

She works with organizations interested in developing initiatives in the areas of business enterprise in design and technology, offering advice in raising private and public funds to finance these initiatives and the creation of strategic societies that enable them to extend their own reach. As director and part of the founding team of NYDesigns, an incubator for design and technology business in New York, Natalia obtained more than eleven million dollars of federal, state and private funds to develop the programme from its initial stages until its implementation. Under her leadership, NYDesigns served more than nine thousand businesses and created more than two thousand jobs. The Sustainability Centre, an initiative focused on the creation of jobs in the incubator, trained and placed about 750 unemployed people in better paying jobs than they had previously had and changed their lives for ever. She brings her experience to PerúDesignNet to offer consultancy services in design, innovation, planning, implementation and growth of entrepreneurship programmes focused on rapid growth industries.


1.- Hybridization Rethinking Tourism

Roberto Vidal (Spain)

Director of IED Visual Communication Madrid. Founder and Creative Director of RV.Studio. Trained in business, visual culture and graphic design, he has carried out cultural, educational and design projects with public administrations, cultural centres, educational centres and art galleries like La Casa Encendida (Madrid), Clandestino Festival (Sweden), Matadero Madrid, INJUVE (Madrid), Centre d’Art La Panera (Lleida), Galería Alegría (Barcelona), among others and has given classes in graphic design in the Sala de Arte Joven of the Comunidad de Madrid, Tabakalera (San Sebastián), CA2M (Madrid), Espacio para el Arte of the Obra Social Caja Madrid (Zaragoza) and the Universidad Complutense of Madrid. Currently, as director of the School of Visual Communication, he is responsible for academic training and the direction and management of projects with Spanish and international companies (Microsoft, LINE, Canal+, Jaguar, MIMMA), and is a member of juries of design competitions, the most recent being the Laus Award 2015 for Graphic Design.

Fernando Gómez (Spain)

Architecture degree from the ETSAG (School of Architecture and Geodesy of Alcalá de Henares) and Multiplatform Video Game Developer degree from Seis Cocos Technical School. In 2013 he began his career in the world of architectural design and was awarded first place in the Pro Hábitat Corona Prize with the M3H1 collective. With the arrival of the new virtual reality devices in 2014, he began a new stage in the MI5 Architects studio, based on research and the construction of digital spaces and opening new avenues of creation in architecture. Currently, along with his activity in the MI5 Architects studio, he gives teaching workshops at international level in institutions like the Architectural Association of London, and is a teacher of Virtual Architectures for the higher qualification in Graphic Design of the IED Madrid.

2.- Hybridization Rethinking Gastronomy

Iván Vidal (Spain)

Director of the IED Design Madrid. Industrial Designer degree from the Design Institute of Caracas, he is engaged in training in the design of product, packaging and interiors. He has also worked in the department of design and mechanical engineering of Inelectra (VEN) and for some years worked in the design of domestic, urban and commercial furniture for private and public companies in Latin America (Diageo, CANTV, Pernod Ricard, Pladetec, etc.) and total branding and interior projects in Spain (SushiOlé, Coccolati, etc.). He was winner of the 2004 Best Project mention for professional packaging of the Pro-Carton Competition organized by ADI-FAD, with the project Eco-plantage. Since then he has worked in the IED Madrid as teacher and coordinator. Currently, he is Director of the School of Design and head of academic training and the direction and management of projects with Spanish and international companies.

Miguel Valero Espada (Spain)

Doctor in Logic from the CWI of Amsterdam and with a degree in Mathematics from Zaragoza University. Professor at the Universidad Complutense of Madrid (UCM) since 2005. At the same time he studied philosophy at the Open University, and in 2008 he obtained a diploma for advanced studies at the Faculty of Fine Arts of the UCM with the work: “From Analogue to Digital Logic. The Sublime 2.0: the Return of the Sublime in Contemporary Visual Arts”, in which he laid the foundations for an aesthetics of digital art. He is co-founder of the espadaysantacruz studio, dedicated to the creation, production and research into the visual arts for communication and advertising His works centre on creative reflection on classic art through the prism of the new media.

3.- Hybridization Rethinking Crafts

Isabel Berz (Germany)

She studied fashion design in the prestigious Ecole de la Chambre Syndicale de la Couture Parisienne. She then began her professional career working as a freelance fashion designer in Milan before finally moving to Madrid to create her own brand ISABEL BERZ. For the last ten years the brand has grown internationally, creating a distribution network with sales points in Europe, the USA and Japan. She also designed the costumes for Marisa Paredes in the film The Flower of My Secret by Pedro Almodóvar and received the T de Oro Prize for the Best New Designer. In 2004, she became director of the Fashion School of the IED Madrid, creating a new teaching concept based on the diversification of specialities and the transversality and internationalization of the school. As head of the new identity of the IED Fashion Lab Madrid, she established close collaboration with important companies, institutions and organizations in the fashion sector. In recent years she has emphasized her bias towards the development of research projects: Sustainability&Style, Guantanamo Project, Fashion&Internet, Redefining Craft in the 21st Century and Las Manuelas.

Lidia Muro (Spain)

A fashion designer specialised in textiles, she trained in fashion design in LISAA (Paris), and has a Master in Textile Futures from the Central Saint Martin’s School (London). She has also worked as a designer in Paris maisons like Givenchy, Paco Rabanne, Céline and Kenzo, and for Stella McCartney in London. In order to expand her textile knowledge she moved to Como (Italy), working as a textile designer in the Clerici Tessuto factory. Lidia is currently head of the textile area of the Istituto Europeo di Design of Madrid, where she also teaches. She combines this activity with that of designer.

Federico Sainz de Robles Rueda (Spain)

He is an industrial technical engineer from the Universidad Politécnica of Valencia, with training in fashion design from the IED Madrid and a Master in Textile Engineering from the CEU. Currently, he is training in chemistry with the UNED and works as a technician in the Department of Innovation in Fashion of the Textile Technological Institute of AITEX, where he has managed technology application projects in the fashion and clothing industry since 2012. He is head of the Observatory of Textile Technology, the AITEX portal, managing the patents, technical articles and news published daily about textiles worldwide. He also takes part, on a professional level, in the different factions of the fashion and textile sector (retail, design, production, press and communication).



Andrés Fernández Rubio. Tourism (Spain)

A journalist specialised in travel, design and architecture, he is an art gallery owner, expert in contemporary art and new talents, as well as director of two documentaries screened in numerous countries. Linked to the newspaper El País since 1985, he has been editor of the culture and international sections, head of Culture and for fifteen years, head of The Traveller supplement. His articles have appeared in The Guardian, La Reppublica and Página 12, among other publications.

Jose Mari Aizega. Gastronomy (Spain)

He is a Law and Business Sciences graduate, as well as Doctor of Law from the Universidad del País Vasco. He has worked as professor in the Faculty of Law at the Universidad del País Vasco and in the Faculty of Business Studies of Mondragon Unibertsitatea, and as Vice-rector of Mondragon Unibertsitatea. He is Director General of the Basque Culinary Centre, which integrates the Faculty of Gastronomy Studies and the R+D Centre for Food and Gastronomy.

Francisco Jarauta. Crafts (Spain)

A philosopher and art historian, he is one of Spain’s most internationally renowned thinkers, attentive to the phenomena resulting from globalization and the analysis of trends in the contemporary world. He has studied History, History of Art and Philosophy in the Universities of Valencia, Rome, Münster-Westf., Berlin and Paris, and has been a visiting professor at European and American universities..

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