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Our project aims to enhance the importance of the process of production of cocoa and in particular of the Peruvian's one, which brings with it the values of biodiversity and production of products "km 0".
Our project is built around the idea of wanting to bring the knowledge of Peruvian cocoa worldwide
Our idea consist in an itinerary temporary shop that will remain in the host cities for three weeks.
Be formed by a sensory path formed by seven rooms that tell the origins of cocoa through sensations and sensory impressions, a final shop where you can taste and buy chocolate and every weekend a workshop with local chefs who will show how to use the cocoa combining it with local products.
how to communicate to the targets?
The marketing campaign will be divided by the two target outlined (consumer and business).
B2C: Implement a media campaign (poster, placard), implement a Social campaign (create a new temporary website for the european itinerary)
B2B: The companies selected will be contacted via email (mailing list) and will receive an 'Invitation pack (which will contain an event pass, chocolate bar and information about factory)

This project is developed by Serena D’Imperio, Salvatore Mancuso, Marcello Marino & Giulia Rossi. Our contacts are: Serena D'imperio: serenadimperio@ied.edu Salvatore Mancuso: salvatoremancuso@ied.edu Marcello Marino: marcellomarino@ied.edu Giulia Rossi: giuliarossi@ied.edu