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The “LIVE.LOVE.LLAMA” project has been created to convey the values which belong to the Peruvian culture.
Our purpose is to immerse the guests into the real Peruvian family's habits, transmitting the llama pack project philosophy.

The new route is developed around three days.
The first day the guest will be welcomed by one of the llama pack guides with a little refreshment in the dormitory area, prepared for the occasion. Then they will be introduced to the llama pack project world thanks to the guide explaining to them about the association and the communities values.
After a quick rest, the guests first activity will be a trekking route through the park.
When the trek is finished, and the guests have rested and appreciated the view and the landscape, they will be taken to a local house where they'll be hosted by a local family who will share the recipes of traditional Peruvian dishes, and then eat all together.
At the end of the day they will come back to their dormitory to rest for the night.

Second day starts with a substantial breakfast and passes on to a lovely journey into llama pet therapy, that consists in walking with your llama and relax together in the amazing green areas that the park has. The purpose of this activity is to involve also the kids.
At midday they'll have packed lunch and some rest in their rooms, later on the guests will be free to have an happy hour with the amazing view of the Sacred Valley and of llamas grazing.

The third and final day, after the routine breakfast, consists in discovering the areas around the park and to plant native peruvian trees, to help reforesting the area with native, unfortunately almost extinct, trees and plants.
During the last night, the guests will go back to the families that hosted them during the first night, and will cook the traditional recipes, learned from them, to show what they learned about Peruvian culinary tradition.

Hoping that the stay has been peaceful and joyful, in the morning of the fourth day the guests will leave the park.


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