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The idea of this Multiverse Project is to create a concept on how we can see the past in today’s time using modern technology - a revolution in the way we can see one place is present time reviving the past or implement this idea to see a different reality, parallel reality that lives in the current moment, applicable to different areas such as culture, gastronomy, arts and crafts.

With this project we support the Sustainable travel and the use of bike, train, bus and hiking. Organize your travel, book a train ticket – be part of the sustainable travel, make you own choices on what you plan to visit, create a unique experience, go back in time, experience the past and share your experience with others. The idea is to create an online software in which you will choose your point of interest i.e. Peru Archaeological Sites, Peru Culinary Experience, Peru Living Cultures and unlimited travel choices. A preferred method of payment is online, via credit card. After the payment is processed, you receive a bar code for your everyday activities. You download it on your phone or tablet and you activate the package once you arrive at the right place. You are offered various experiences, that is, via Tablet or HoloLens. Taking into consideration the fact that at this day and age the tablet is a device that is already owned by a large number of users. The HoloLens is a technology that has been recently developed. So why not use this unconventional way of augmented reality? Why not became a leader in the way of presenting your own country and offering a revolutionary approach in personalized travel?

WELCOME TO PERU! Let’s go back to the previous steps: Choose your own places of interest, create your own travel plan, be yourself a guide and download an augmented reality for every place you wish to visit. You receive your own codes and at the site which is marked with a pillar-barcode reader you activate your tablet and see the augmented reality that takes you to the past reviving activities, from the time of the Inca civilization to other moments of the culture and tradition of Peru. You can stand at the center of Machu Picchu and relive the history simply by using your tablet or Hololens. You can see Pachacuti, Inca’s emperor or see the Incas making their ceramics, precious metal work or textile. Be part of a unique experience to see a glimpse of the Incas life. And why not see a whole documentary while you are in Machu Picchu?

The whole territory of PERU is connected by a network of bar code readers or pillars that activate the augmented reality. Just imagine that during your trip, another reality opens in front of you and you have a unique opportunity to be part of a parallel dimension or time travel - go back to the past or see the future, experience the culture and everyday life of old civilizations.