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Born and raised in Greece, a country where sea and sun constitute the main characteristics of our life and culture, a country that summer retains approximately six months and the tourism sector consists of the main source of income for the most of the Greek entrepreuners and their families, it was easy for me to pinpoint on a big deficiency. Beach towels. It may sounds unimportant but in fact it is not. For many years there was not any company to cover this need. As a result, everyone is necessarily compromising with indifferent products, since it is a need that, objectively for reasons of hygiene primarily, it cannot remain uncovered. Hundreds of relevant companies design and produce swimwear, flip-flops, hats, beach bags, yet the beach towels have remained aside for many years as an untapped product, indispensable for the beach though.

On the other hand, Peru is worldwidely known for its traditional textiles, the wonderful traditional patterns, the unique style and approach and that boho sense that the local manufacturers give to them.

So, I came up with the idea of combining those two things. The essential need of stylish designed beach towels and the unique textiles and patterns that only in Peru can be met.

Also, as a designer and a fashion lover I cannot skip the fact that the gypsy style and the bohemian spirit is in style since few years now and as it seems it is not just a trend, is a way of lifestyle and something that always reminds us of summer and hot, yet stylish days at the beach.

So, the business plan is the following: The beach towels will be manufactured in Peru of course, by the artisans that know better than anyone else how to do it in the rightest way possible. Subsequently, the towels will be derived to countries that are in need of products like this one like European Mediterranean countries like Greece, Spain, as well as Australia and generally in any country that summer and tourism sector play a significant role for their economy and culture.

By making this idea come true, two things will be accomplished. First and foremost, the Peruvian manufactured textiles will no longer be used only as souvenirs, but they will also acquire utility value, as -secondly- in this way a vital need will be covered in a stylish way.

As for the design part, the name of this project is Toalla, after the Spanish word for towel. The logo, branding and packaging are in the same sense of style, keeping that Peruvian style in the integral Toalla identity, relating to what makes it unique.

I am a 22-year-old graphic designer, based in Athens, and my academic knowledge in the field of graphic design and visual communication will help me organize and execute this project in the best way possible. I am passionate about working, creating and contributing to a better world. I strongly believe that design is about making people happy, either functionally, aesthetically or emotionally. That's what I am aiming to achieve through this project which fulfills a basic need through design in a practical way, helping a wonderful tradition like this one to be worldwidely known, as well as to be kept alive as long as possible.

Finally, participating in this project will be a big opportunity for me to expand my horizons and meet with interesting people with whom I share the same values. Interacting with these people and also exploring the way a country like Peru deals with social problems through innovative design, will be a valuable experience for any participant.

Toalla logo on traditional Peruvian textiles

Toalla Project Business Model Canvas

Inspo board

Distribution of Toalla products world widely

Realistic representation of Toalla beach towel 1

Realistic representation of Toalla beach towel 2