The tourism sector in Peru is one of its main economic engines. Because of its natural, cultural and ancestral diversity it has become one of the most popular tourist destinations in the region. It is the fifth most visited country in Latin America, after Mexico, Brazil, Argentina and Chile. - Source: Oxford Economics. Currently, the whole sector is in constant growth and it is necessary for small and medium entrepreneurs, tourist services and product providers, to have new communication, interac- tion and organization tools available to them. It is also necessary to be able to offer tourists greater flexibility when organizing their adventure in Peru. The challenge is to construct new tourism proposals, directed to the information and knowledge society; innovative solutions in products, services and systems that are aligned to the new trends of travellers, who look for tailor-made trips, which generate experience value. The aim is to enable Peruvian companies to provide the traveller with tools and experiences and to transmit the captivating, multi-faceted and specialist character of Peru.

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