Llama Pack

Llama Pack

Llama Pack is a tourism company located in the Cordillera del Urubamba in the province of Cusco. Its main distinguishing activity is trekking with llamas.

This proposal is centred on reco- vering the ancient traditions of the Andean communities that promote the use, breeding and improvement of the llama as a pack animal. In this way, Llama Pack strengthens the image of the emblematic animal of Peru and generates unique experiences that are socially and envi- ronmentally responsible, ensuring the sustainable development of high-Andean communities.

At present, trekking in the Andes area is carried out with animals that are not suited to the geography and climate. The use of horses and donkeys began with the arrival of the Spanish in Peru and has remained since then. Replacing llamas with donkeys and horses has had negative effects on many levels of the Alto Andean ecosystem, and has reduced the llama population from 30 to 3 million in the last 600 years.

Llama Pack has as its mission the reassessment of the breeding and use of the pack llama as a tool for the social development of the rural communities and the conservation of the mountain ecosystem. Llama Pack is committed to these communities, providing training in tourism issues and the use of the llama as an animal for the conservation of the ecosystem. In this way, they generate development and new sustainable business and commercial op- portunities in favour of the community and the llama breeders. We are looking for solutions, ideas and innovation proposals, which use tools and design fields to develop an enriching and unique experience in a 32 hectare space, where the two upper hectares will be a Llama Park and the rest will be used for the breeding of llamas and as pasture land.


  • Create a unique, new experience.
  • Develop methods for transmitting knowledge in association with school and university programs, both rural and urban.
  • Raise environmental awareness and increase economic, social and educational development in communities.
  • Rethink ideas for the improvement of breeding programs and the quality of the llamas, together with communities, breeders associations, local institutions that promote re- search and provincial agencies that foster local production and small enterprise development.
  • Increase the number of communities which join the activity.
  • Improve communication platforms in communities with few resources and telecommunication infrastructures.
  • Improve the business model based on trekking.
  • Think about the development of business models and development based on educational tourism with work experience, training and residences.


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