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Peru For Less

Currently, the tourism business unites the expectations of the tourist with the standardised reality of the destination.

Tour operators and agencies assess their sales by the number of people who get on a bus, listen to a brief description and get off with a few souvenir photos, which come out blurred because of the speed with which they travel in order to be able to pick up the next group. The travel experience is carried out, but it is not made different. It is in this context that Peru For Less, a Peruvian company founded 14 years ago, seeks to offer a solution.

The proposal to be worked on is PersonalizedTravel, and it wants to carry the personalization of the travel experience to the limit, looking after and anticipating the needs of the tourist or traveller by means of a meticulous selection of professionals, an online platform and a different, empirical, interaction experience. The view of PersonalizedTravel is directed towards generating original and special experiences, which, in an extreme, could be to live a Machu Picchu cinematic experience with a film maker as guide, or to visit the centre of Lima where underground parties are held with a local DJ. Likewise, the Personalized Travel Project considers today’s reality, in which there are thousands of travellers who want to get to know the same destinations that the majority of people visit, but need a personalised service that makes them feel that the sum of their experiences in Peru have been carefully planned by professionals who are able to connect with their respective sense of individuality. Personalization does not just lie in the enormous diversity of interests that might exist, but in offering a wide range of possibilities, from the most traditional to the most niche.

For this challenge, Peru For Less has a multi-professional team, and more than two thousand testimonies and 250 videos with approximately 900 clients. Also, it has created an extensive tourism sector network, backed by its work operations in Costa Rica, Brazil, Argentina, Bolivia, Ecuador and Chile, where it will also be able to prototype the result.

We are looking for new ideas that are based on innovation through design, and that fulfil the following objectives: 

  • Reflect the diversity of travel options (User Experience).
  • Establish communication dealing with travel expectations as soon as possible.
  • Create an experience in which travellers can state their travel preferences and tastes in a creative and effective way (User Interface).
  • Design an experience that anticipates and arrange all the user’s moments on the web (Customer Journey Map).
  • Change the paradigm of selling standard packages to Peru (and the world). Think about what payment methods may be suitable for this experience.
  • Think about the necessary internal and office processes for the development of the platform.
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