Antidotes . Upcycling Plastic

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A widespread use of plastic as a tailor-made modern clay fulfills our daily needs. It is a strong, low-cost, durable and lightweight material that has quickly become disposable. Easy to transform and upcycled, it can be turned from a global problem into a benefit.

Almost a kilo per person of disposable plastic containers leave our doorway every week, giving rise to several million tons of plastic residue that not only damage our marine life but end up back to our dining tables in the form of micro-particles. Plastic pollution is a global issue that affects everyone, material that has been accumulating exponentially for more than 50 years. This issue isn’t going away anytime soon.

Creating a conversation starter through an easy do-it-yourself process, grinding and using low temperature and compression-molding, these different types of polymer can be upcycled into new pieces, working with its properties in our favor.

The value of design is linked to cultural and logistical realities. As designers, we share skills that often become synonymous with upgrading antidotes. Upcycling plastic can be one of them.

Permeable, transparent, reusable, textured: new pieces from the life span of another.

Counter Molding the Upcycled Plastic Tablets

This process is non toxic and knows no waste

You can waterproof the comunity roofs with the artisans skills and tools, using 50 tiles per meter square.

Colorful compositions for a colorful lifestyle.

Like a modern clay, it can be customized to its needs