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Mink´a is the quechua word for “cooperative work”.

This simple, yet beautiful, vase is made combining three different traditional techniques (pottery, embossed foil and loom) with a modern aesthetic to encourage the artisans of the Peruvian community of Túcume to work together, and to explore the multiple results that can arise from their synergy rather than working in an isolated way.

Mink´a proposes a contemporary model of co-creation work, thinking of the craftman-designer as the main creator of value where artisan freedom, local identity, processes and materials are taken in consideration for a whole new world of possibilities.

Mink´a also opens the door to the possibility of building a virtual community. ARTucume is the proposed website development to enable the connection between costumers and artisans beyond the current face-to-face artisan/tourist system, letting the customer get involved in the design process and enabling the collaboration between artisans.

Summing up Mink´a is the triggering product and ARTucume the plataform to expand the idea. The two faces of one coin mint to promote and expand the activities of the artisans in Túcume, Perú.

Neutral background

metal (embossed foil)

cotton (loom)

In the WELCOME page we can find the classic sign in / register options, he main three options to navigate the website and an explanatory video of how the community works. Also “follow us” and the importance of the expansion to other social networks. And finally language selection and the importance of embracing the foreign market.

Under the DESIGN tab people will be able to crete their own designs combining the skills of the different artisans. Expandable tabs will show the different possibilities in shapes, colors (ceramic), metals and fabrics.

At the same time on the right side of the screen there will be a 3D representation of the product with the price updating according to the selected options and the possibility of on-click buying, but also just sharing the design with the community or download a print version.

Under the ARTISANS tab people will be able to see the different artisans organized by the activity they do. From this tab costumers will be able to see the artisan´s previous works and also contact them for customized job requests.